November 30, 2015

Cold temps and snowy conditions are here for the next few months. If you haven't gotten on your fat bike yet you're about to. And maybe you haven't yet found the right tire pressure for the right conditions. We hope we can shed some light on that here:

The general PSI sweet spot is 4 to 8 PSI

Note: Going tubeless will allow you to ride on lower tire pressure without having to worry about pinch flats.

Shrinking of Pressure - As the weather temps drop so does your tire pressure, which can make your ride feel mushy. Here are some numbers to remember:

  • 8 PSI @ 70 degrees = 6.3 PSI @ 30 degrees
    • 8 PSI @ 70 degrees = 5.4 PSI @ 10 degrees
    • 8 PSI @ 50 degrees = 6.8 PSI @ 30 degrees
    • 8 PSI @ 50 degrees = 6.4 PSI @ 10 degrees

    Know your conditions for best riding preparation

    Riding on ice:

    • Think about using studs
    • Best when using mid tire pressure

    Riding on groomed:

    • Open tread is best
    • Mid tire pressure

    Riding on fluff:

    • Use tall lugged tires
    • Low tire pressure is ideal


    Now that you have the low down on tire pressure for winter riding on your fat bike you should be out there every day enjoying the snow!

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