About Milltown

2014 was 7+ years in the making. Why did it take so long just to launch a cycling and adventure store?

Duck, Duck, Grey Duck - Different, Yet The Same

The things you may not know are what we refer to as "industry strong holds". There are certain rules we, as retailers, need to abide by in order to be able to bring products to you. As the world continues to adjust to new technology and new generations, the way we shop, the way we interact changes. What we expect from products, shopping experiences, or just daily interactions today is much, much different then it was even just a couple years ago. Even though the cycling and outdoor industry has been a little slower to keep up with these expectations we're are trying to do our part to bridge that gap. But you don't need to worry about that, we'll take care of those issues behind the scene. All you need to know is that WE GOT YOU! Whatever we do is for you!

What's in the name of "Milltown"? Here is Faribault, Minnesota, we're known as a Mill Town because we're home to The Faribault Woolen Mill for over 150 years. Previously named Milltown Cycles, we decided to drop the "Cycles" and just go with Milltown as we wanted to be more than just a traditional bike shop. We believe cycling just isn't cycling. It's an adventure, it's a lifestyle, it's a health choice, it's offsetting your carbon footprint, it's enjoying the outdoors.

We will continue to build our footprint, virtual and physical so that we can be there for you in every step of your personal adventure.

So what's actually different about Milltown?

We start with service. There is a reason we sign all our emails and postcards with "at your service". It's not just a tagline, its a foundation of our business and culture. Service first is hard to come by these days. Yes, we need to make a couple dollars to keep the lights on, but service still comes first.

We don't just add any product to our website or bring it into our store. We want to be sure we stand for the same things and the product has thought worth to the market and to our customers. If you have any ideas of products and/or brands that we should carry, please reach out to us info@milltownsports.com 

So, as of early 2018, we're still growing our online footprint and customer base. We're also moving into a new retail store that will allow us to serve our customers in a holistic manner...however you wish to shop with us, we're at your service!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity!

Travis Seeger