Bontrager Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Cycling Computer

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In another step forward for our core Always On safety message, preinstalled Bontrager Light Control software lets you control front and rear Bontrager RT Daytime Running Lights directly from the screen of the Bontrager Garmin Edge 1030. It’s easy to pair Bontrager RT lights, and once paired provides a simple on-screen adjustment of mode and brightness, a clear view of the lights’ battery life, and auto-on when you power up your Garmin and start your ride.

The Bontrager Light Control App is also available for download to support other Garmin Edge products on the Garmin Connect IQ store.

In The Box

  • Edge1030
  • Flush out-front mount
  • Standard mount
  • Tether
  • USB Cable
  • Manuals


  • Unique black colorway provides an understated, classy finish that complements any bike
  • Large 3.5” clear display with highly sensitive touchscreen and interactive mapping features
  • Optimized experience and additional functionality adds to Full Garmin Edge 1030 feature set
  • Optimized experience includes screen sensitivity set to high, auto-pause enabled, and auto-lap disabled
  • Bontrager Light Control offers touchscreen light control and on-screen battery status of paired lights
  • Auto-on light control automatically powers on paired lights and sets them to best mode at the start of ride
  • Service recommendations based on ride duration intervals can help keep bikes performing at their best
  • Includes Bontrager Garmin Edge 1030, flush out-front mount, standard mount, tether, and USB micro cable


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