CatEye Volt 6000 HL-EL6000RC Headlight

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The most powerful class of cycle headlight in the world is something you have to experience to believe.

6000 lumens turn dark into day for an unparalleled night riding experience. Another in a long line of CatEye firsts, from the first flashing light in 1964 to the first LED headlight in 2001 to the brightest headlight in the world in 2015, we continue to push the boundaries of what bicycle electronics can be. Whether you’re looking for an unfair advantage at the next 24-hour mountain bike race, or just seek the solitude of singletrack at night, you no longer have to slow down when the sun goes down.

What's Included:

Includes light unit, battery control unit, Li-ion rechargeable battery, charger, H-34 FlexTight handlebar mount, helmet mount, Bluetooth remote switch, attachment straps, and extension cable for helmet mounting applications.


  • Light unit:0 x 59.0 x 52.0 mm
  • Control unit/battery unit:0 x 46.0 x 68.0 mm
  • Weight: Light unit:118 grams (including the bracket and cable)
  • Weight: Control unit/battery unit:550 grams


  • 6000 lumens
  • Battery unit:Li-ion rechargeable battery (14.4V-6800mAh)
  • Remote control switch:Lithium battery (CR1632) x 1 (approx 2-month battery life)
  • Low battery indicator and mode memory function.
  • Remote wireless switch
  • helmet mount and extension cable included.

Modes/Run time:

  • Dynamic: Approx 1 Hour (6000 lumens)
  • High: Approx 2 Hours (4000 lumens)
  • Middle: Approx 4 Hours (2000 lumens)
  • Low: Approx 8 Hours (1000 lumens)
  • All-Night: Approx 12 Hours (500 lumens)
  • Hyper Constant: Approx 11 Hours (2000/500 lumens)
  • Recharge time: Approx 5 Hours
  • Recharge/discharge number of times: Approx 300 times (until the rated capacity drops to 60%)

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