CeramicSpeed Titanium Shimano 11-speed Pulley Wheels

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These are compatible with all Non XT/XTR 11-speed Shimano derailleurs

Improve the performance of your 11-speed Shimano rear derailleur with pulleys that reduce friction and increase bearing life. Ours are designed to work with less drag, adding to the power transmitted to the rear wheel. 

There are choices available to best meet your needs. Machined aluminum pulleys with our Standard Bearings, which consist of our stock CeramicSpeed balls installed in our hardened-steel races is the first option. These test better than anything else on the market. Machined titanium pulleys with our Standard Bearings is the second. Machined titanium pulleys with our stock CeramicSpeed balls installed in coated, hardened-steel races is the third option. 


  • Our machined titanium pulleys last three times longer than those made of machined aluminum.
  • Our Coated Bearings last 60% longer than our standard bearings. Drag is decreased by over 50% compared to our standard bearings.
  • A set consists of differing upper and lower pulleys, they are marked as such, and have directional arrows etched on them so you know exactly how to install them.
  • These pulleys are compatible with all Shimano 11-speed rear derailleurs that aren’t XT or XTR. 
  • The kits come with CeramicSpeed oil in a 10ml dropper bottle. The bearings come with oil in them already. The oil is to keep them running smoothly.

In the box

  • 2 x 11-tooth pulley wheels
  • 4 x spacers
  • CeramicSpeed bearing oil in 10ml dropper bottle
  • Sticker sheet

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