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Industry Nine Matchstix Front Thru-Axle, Multi-Tool

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Everything you need and nothing you don't. The MatchStix multi-tool will take care of you when you're out there and need a little help. 
Integrated into your 15mm front through axle, the MatchStix handle seconds as a chain breaker, #5 hex, spoke tool, and the bit receiver all in one. 

4 of the 6 stainless steel bits slide into the sleeve, and nestle into the axle.
The bit holder end pulls double duty as a valve core remover, bit receiver for the chain break screw and as a chain link holder*.

* Compatible chain links include: KMC 9, 10 and 11 spd, SRAM 9 and 10 spd.


  • 102 grams* for 15x100

*Weight varies depending on bit selection and axle specification and does not include chain link*, which are optional and you can buy installed as an add on.

  • Bits – Stainless steel #5 hex integrated into handle, stainless steel #6, #4 + #3 hex, T25 + T30 torx and a flathead bit are included with each MatchStix. Each rider can choose 4 bits of their choice to carry in the bit sleeve.
  • Axles – 15x100 and 15x110 axle lengths available for Fox and RockShox regular and boost forks.

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