Orange Seal


Orange Seal Wheel Tubeless Kit

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Orange Seal Tubeless Kit. Orange Seal Tubeless Conversion Kits contain everything needed to convert a pair of  Wheels with 18-75mm Wide Rims to tubeless.


  • Kits include a 12 yard roll of tubeless tape, (2) RVC valves, RVC tool, twist-lock injector, and 8oz of sealant
  • Everything needed to convert a pair of fat bike wheels to tubeless (except tubeless-ready tires)
  • Use Original formula down to 16ºF/-9ºC use Subzero formula at all Temperatures down to -20ºF/-29ºC
  • Use 4oz of sealant per Fat tire


  • Rim Strip Width: 18 mm
  • Rim Strip Width: 24 mm
  • Rim Strip Width: 45 mm
  • Rim Strip Width: 75 mm

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