RaceFace Turbine CINCH Fatbike Crank Arm Set

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The Race Face Turbine crank is designed as the performance-oriented alloy crank for XC, trail and enduro applications. As the lightest alloy option in the CINCH lineup, the Turbine allows for interchangeable spiders, limitless ring combinations, a 30mm alloy spindle and compatibility across all relevant frame standards.


  • Deep pocket forged and CNC machined aluminum crank arms
  • 30mm spline interface CNC'd from aluminum super alloy
  • Compatible with all CINCH direct mount rings and spiders to easily convert between existing chainring standards including: direct mount, 1x, 2x with and without bash, and 3x configurations
  • CINCH removable spiders and direct mount rings utilize a 20-tooth ISIS cup BB tool for removal and installation
  • Bottom bracket, direct mount ring and spider not included
  • Direct mount chainline: 68.5, 75mm (Flipped)
  • 2X Cinch spider chainline: 67mm
  • Boost 2X Cinch spider chainline:70mm

For 170mm rear-spaced fatbikes:

  • Direct mount chainline: 66-68, 72.5-74.5mm (Flipped)
  • 2X Cinch spider chainline: 64.5-66.5mm
  • Boost 2X Cinch spider chainline:67.5-69.5mm

For 190mm rear-spaced fatbikes:

  • Direct mount chainline: 77.5-79.5, 84-86mm (Flipped)
  • 2X Cinch spider chainline: 76-78mm
  • Boost 2X Cinch spider chainline:79-81mm

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