Sigma BC 23.16 STS Triple Wireless Cycling Computer

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The BC 23.16 includes wireless speed, cadence and heartrate along with altitude measurement displayed both numerically and graphically. It also features a ghost race function that allows the user to virtually race themselves.


  • Speed Functions: Actual Speed, Average speed, Comparison of cur./avg. speed, Maximum speed
  • Distance Functions: Trip distance, Total distance
  • Time Functions: Ride time, Total trip time (Bike 1/Bike 2), Trip section timer
  • Altitude Functions: Altitude graph, Current altitude, Current gradient, Altitude gain/loss (cur. trip)
  • Cadence Functions: Current Cadence, Average Cadence, Maximum Cadence
  • General Functions: Full text display with seven available languages, Predefined tire sizes, two adjustable wheel sizes, Automatic start/stop with motion sensor, Back-up function via memory chip, Battery status display (receiver + transmitter), Automatic bike recognition, Automatic pairing, Backlight, Watertight, Temperature, Watt power (calculated), Average watt power (calculated), Ghost race

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