Skinny Basket, Roof-Mounted, Gun Metal Gray


Offers fit options for the best of both worlds. Your worlds, whatever worlds they may be. Be it cycling, kayaking, or road tripping to the ski lodge. The Skinny’s distinct design provides the same load surface as other "fat" cargo racks while leaving 50% of usable cross bar space for, you know, whatever you need it for. 1 Bike Capacity - 1 Integrated bike mount with skewer (50lb bikes)Built in cable lock for gearRoof bar mounts come equipped with lock coresFairing included with copper accentsMounts to most factory & all aftermarket cross bars160 lb. capacity with bike & gear (always adhere to cross bars posted weight limits)Up to 3 feet between cross barsMax crossbar size - 4.5" wide by 1.75" thick

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